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(3-4 years/Preschool)

The Ponies class is the Red Barn’s full-time preschool program. It is made up of thematic units that incorporate learning in a number of subjects such as, science, math, art, and language. In addition to developing your child cognitively, our teachers will also work on a variety of social and self-help skills.

Children spend a large portion of the day self-selecting activities that will allow them to explore, create and challenge themselves. However, linguist and scientific development remain to be an important component of the program. Teachers read to your child numerous times throughout the day. While doing this they strive to make your child a part of the reading process through questioning, predicting, and other research guided reading strategies. Your child will also prepare for Pre-K by learning to spell and write their name. The Ponies class spends time daily discussing nature, life-cycles, seasons, and weather. They have a daily “weather watcher;” this hild will monitor the weather Together the class will discuss the day’s weather and how it fits in with the current season.

Just as in all of our programs, circle time is offered daily. Children are encouraged to participate in the fun dancing and learning done at this time. During circle time the letter of the week is introduced through that particular letter’s special puppet and song. Also, once a week during circle time we have show-n-tell! The children are encouraged to bring one of their favorite toys beginning with the letter of the week.

Communication is an important aspect of the Red Barn’s program. There will be time at drop-off and pick-up for communication with your child’s teacher. A “Daily Sheet” will be provided with a detailed report of your child’s sleeping patterns, eating schedule, and mood throughout the day! In addition, teachers will include a brief description of what they have learned that day.