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The Red Barn is more than just a child care center and preschool, it is truly a blessing! In 2005, it was founded by Sandra Cummings and Judy Westlund to provide children with a family atmosphere, individualized care, and high quality education. The positive response from the families was more than expected and The Red Barn has continued to proudly serve the Clarksville/Fort Campbell community.

After directing the program for 8 years, Jessica Kelley along with her husband Jeremy became owners of The Red Barn in 2013. Jessica has 12 years of experience specifically in the Early Childhood Education field and is one of the first recipient’s of the Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator’s Credential. Their main objective is to be actively involved in the daily operations of the program through growing their relationships with the families and providing their teaching staff with a support system. Their daughter, Caitlyn, is sixteen and enjoys spending time helping at the center whenever she can.