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(Young Toddlers)

Children are naturally curious of their environment; at the age of 12 months this curiosity seems to explode with their newfound ability to explore through walking. The Red Barn’s Chicks class aims to foster this sense of curiosity by offering a curriculum that creates unique and fun experiences for your young toddler. The Chicks’ teachers create lesson plans aimed to foster this curiosity by incorporating fun activities appropriate to their cognitive, social, physical and emotional stages.

Daily the children are encouraged, but not forced, to participate in circle time. At this time, the children learn about the letter of the week, read great stories, and/ dance to fun music!

Once again, communication is an important aspect of the Red Barn’s program. There will be time at drop-off and pick-up for communication with your child’s teacher. A “Daily Sheet” will be provided with a detailed report of your child’s sleeping patterns, eating schedule, diaper changes, and other fun things he or she did throughout the day!