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(4-5 years/Pre-K)

The Red Barn we strive to make learning fun for all of our children. We strongly believe that by creating an exciting and enjoyable educational environment we are creating a foundational love for learning that can be built upon when your child begins Kindergarten. Because of this, the Kids’ teachers create engaging lesson plans that tie developmental goals to fun activities! In our Pre-Kindergarten classroom teachers focus on Kindergarten readiness by creating and implementing lesson plans based on the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards.

The Kids class children and teachers work hard throughout the year learning and preparing for Kindergarten. Teachers will work with your child to learn a variety of things from writing their first and last name to tying their shoes. At the end of the year we have a special Pre-K graduation to celebrate all their hard work!

Communication is an important aspect of the Red Barn’s program. There will be time at drop-off and pick-up for communication with your child’s teacher. A “Daily Sheet” will be provided with a detailed report of your child’s sleeping patterns, eating schedule, temperament, and other fun things he or she did throughout the day! In addition, we have parent/teacher conferences twice a year to review and discuss your child’s developmental progress.