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Our Classrooms

Each classroom at The Red Barn has social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language goals specifically targeted to the age group’s developmental needs. We have parent/teacher conferences twice a year to review your child’s progress towards these developmental needs. Our teachers create lesson plans specifically targeted to these goals. Our classes are named after farm animals and split up by age groups:




(Young Toddlers)


(Older Toddlers)


(Young Preschoolers)


(3-4 years/Preschool)


(4-5 years/Pre-K)


(3-5 years/Part-time Preschool)


(Young School-age)


(Older School-age)

(Ages are approximate. Based on Development of child)

In each classroom you will find learning centers created to foster the development of the specific age group’s educational goals. Every classroom is equipped with a child-sized restroom and sink for convenience and toilet learning. A large viewing window in every classroom allows for observation by parents and administrators.

Our campus is protected by a security system with fingerprint entry. This means only family members whose fingerprints are in our computer system will be allowed entry. All other visitors will be required to check in at the front office.