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Extracurricular Activities

Throughout the week we offer extracurricular activities that encourage development of specific skills. These activities are offered through outside providers so additional fees are required.

Activities Currently Offered

  • Dance
    Our dance class is offered through Natalie’s Dance Network. Once a week Natalie teachers your child the fundamentals of ballet and tap. Once a year you will be able to see all the hard, but fun, work your child has put in at their recital.
  • Soccer
    Soccer lessons are taught through Soccer Shots. Here your child will learn rules and basic techniques of soccer while running off some energy. Children will develop their gross motor muscles while learning how to play as a team and show good sportsmanship.
  • Computer
    Giggle Bytes, our computer class, is taught through Whole Child Learning. This class introduces young children to the wonderful world of technology. Not only does your child learn how to properly use technology, but Giggle Bytes instructors also include academic skills in their lessons: word recognition, shapes, colors, pre-reading skills, etc.
  • Spanish
    Little Amigos, our Spanish class, is also taught through Whole Child Learning. Little Amigos teaches Spanish in a fun and interactive way that your child will love! Language instruction will be taught in age-appropriate activities that better ensure your child will understand and learn Spanish easily.
  • ABC Music & Me
    At ABC Music & Me your child your child will develop their emotional, social, and motor skills while being immersed in music in a fun and exciting way. Ms. Karen makes every class interesting for the children, introducing them to different types of music and instruments. To learn more about the great benefits Music & Me has for your child’s future visit the Kindermusik website!
  • Gymnastics

    Gymnastics is taught through Action Gymnastics. Your child will learn foundational gymnastic techniques in a playful atmosphere. Emphasis will be placed on developing their flexibility, strength, and coordination.